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Subscription & Advertising Rates

Listing & Advertising Solutions:

We offer our Sucbribers/Advertisers a Prime Format of Listing and several Advertising Slots:

  1. Prime Listing (FREE) – Details published include:
    – Company Name
    – Logo
    – Contact Details
    – Pictures and/or Video
    – Map indicating Location
    – Brief about the Company and Services/Products provided. Your listing can act as your mini-website!
  2. Advertising Slots (PAID FOR) – Slots available for advertising include:

        a. Headliner
        b. Premium Sponsor
        c. Best Deals
        d. Side Column 

Please Note:

  • Subscriber is free to request for any advertising slots other than those listed above. However, this is subject to technical viability and Best Buy Malawi Directory reserves the rights to accept or refuse such requests.
  • Listing(s)/Advert(s) will only be published after full payment, for the same, is received.
  • Subscriber may supply own Artwork, Content, Pictures etc. or may wish to engage our content and design experts at a fee.

***For current advertising rates, please send an email to or use the form below:

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